What is KOV Children's Charities Up To?

We are up to our ears in paperwork as with any
new startup, but we are plugging along.  We've
started up a bank account and are putting in
small amounts as we raise it.  

Coming up next is our FIRST fundraiser for
KOV!  Have you heard of the
"Worlds Greatest
Ice Cream Social"?   Check it out and RSVP on
Facebook today!  We are working out the details
and getting donations for Ice Cream now!  The
event will be on June 10th from 6 to 10pm at the
California Automobile Museum in Sacramento!  
Tickets will be on sale April 1st!  Here is the
Event Page

We're so excited that we are involved in the
Crawfish and Catfish Festival Sat 9-10th of
September and are hosting an after party to
raise MORE $!  So please join us, tickets are on
sale now on our
EVENTS page!  

Why are we raising money?  
Our mission this year is to purchase as many
IPads as we can wrangle for the kids at UC Davis
Children's Hospitals and Shriner's of Northern CA.

The Ipads make lying in bed less boring, the
touch screen helps with dexterity, and they are
just all- around fun.  So help us out if you are
able!  We sure do appreciate your donation!

Thank you,
Shannon McCabe
Leslie Breitsprecher
KOV Children's Charities
KOV Children's Charities 501(C)3